New Year’s Day – January 1


What Do People Do?

When clocks show 24:00, you will meet with a new year ‘s day probably accompany of fireworks, happily songs and with your lovely family or friends. This day also a good time to enjoy, hanging with friends and celebrate to new year because of holiday. Yes, almost in every country new year’s day which is January 1 is accepted as a national holiday, so people do not have to go their work or do their job. So lots of people try to do some perfect plans to spend that day in a the most efficient way. You can see big parties in towns, meetings, celebrations in cities and also in rural areas many people spend their time family meetings, coming together or going fishing. Of course it depends people choice and life style. Aside all of this preferences, that day is very important for people because they share their lives each other regarding emotions, thoughts and also a find another chance to say love you to others.

Happy New Year!

Public Life

To make the day perfect, government also works in full speed, so servants clean streets, towns and decorate them according to new year’s day spirit. Lots of flowers, Christmas trees, colorful garnishes etc. are decked to welcome new year. Also, in general governments arrange a big party in the biggest town of cities to offer an organization people can come together and feel unity and solidarity. So officials also make arrangements regulate the traffic, some needs like water, food, toilets etc. and also preparation for emergency situations.

New Year 2017


Actually, fireworks is the most known symbol of new year’s day. Majority of people easily understand that the lights and sound of fireworks is a sign of January 1. Also, before that day thousands of Christmas trees show up in almost each corner of city. So people recognized that new year’s day is coming.

Happy New Year 2017

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