Martin Luther King Day – January 16

As almost everyone knows that when people start to talk about freedom or human rights, Martin Luther King comes to minds immediately. He is maybe the most famous person about civil rights struggle in America.

Martin Luther King Day
Martin Luther King Day

Martin Luther King born in 1929 in Atlanta. When he was 10, after meeting with music in church choir, he very liked to singing and became a member of junior choir in his church. During his childhood in school he suffered from depression because of segregation in public life; he lost his friends because of his race, many times he faced with racist speeches in his daily life. In that times Martin Luther King had also a skeptical perspective toward Christianity. When he was Booker T. Washington High School, he realized his public speaking ability and joined to school’s debate team. He also started to work in newspaper delivery station as the youngest assistant manager and then he won his first prize oratorical contest from Negro Elks Club. After high school he was accepted by Morehouse college. His last year in college he chose to enter ministry and started to proceed as a rational minister. After graduated Morehouse he attended several studies and social organizations to develop his self about society, social rights, social problems. After Montgomery bus boycott in 1955 he faced with the first worse threat in his life; King’s house was bombed. In the same time Martin Luther King became the most famous person and the best spokesman in civil rights movement.

Martin Luther King Day

After his death in 1968, in 1971 at first St. Louis, Missouri states started to announce holidays to honor of Martin Luther King. Then in 1983, President Ronald Reagan official noticed that January 20 is Martin Luther King’s Day. Then after, George H. W. Bush in 1992 changed the law regarding date and announced the third Monday of January.
In the third Monday of January almost every non-essential government department, many corporations, some schools and colleges are closed. However, some of them stay open to inform people or students about Martin Luther King’s Day. Also, some volunteer groups organize some events to tell people about segregation, importance of social rights and Martin Luther King.

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